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Contact Collins Inn Email Collins Inn
A Boutique Hotel
in Ocean Shores, Washington
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At the Inn, we have 4 rooms upstairs which offer a jacuzzi tub, ocean view, fireplace, an amazing shower, heated floors, cable TV, WiFi, and breakfast is always included for our in-house guests. We also have a room and a suite on the main level for those of you that do not want to do the stairs.
We also offer cottages for our guests looking to cozy up and relax by the fireplace and visit with family, as our cottages hold up to 6 people and, yes, they are pet friendly. Each cottage has a beautiful ocean view and are fully equipped with everything. All you need to bring are your food and clothes.

Note: Pets and children are not permitted in the Inn rooms. However, our Cottages are family friendly!
The Collins Inn & Cottages is a beautiful place located in the beautiful city of Ocean Shores, WA. View photos and videos featuring our hotel and the surrounding areas.